THANADOS (The Anthropological and Archaeological Database of Sepultures) deals with the digital collection and presentation of cemeteries investigated by means of archaeology, anthropology and other related disciplines

Within THANADOS information on burials is being digitised according to FAIR principles and presented in English language. The data are mapped using the CIDOC CRM and provided online. The information can be explored via a digital catalogue and within an interactive map. Cartographic visualisations as well as charts and plots are created dynamically based on research data.

It aims at providing a best practice way on how to disseminate archaeological sources and research in the 21st century against the background of digital humanities.

It is based on the OpenAtlas system and entirely built upon open source technology. It started in 2019 within the projects MEDCEM based at the Czech Academy of Sciences and THANADOS (Austrian Archaeological Institute and Natural History Museum Vienna) funded by the go!digital NextGeneration programme of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (GDND 2018 039).

In 2022 THANADOS was transformed into a collaborative project coordinated and hosted by the Natural History Museum Vienna

With international partners and cooperations based on mutual agreements the system is developed further and new data are added continuously.
Currently the website provides an online repository of all hitherto published Early Mediaeval cemeteries from the area of present day Austria and also covers selected datasets in the Czech Republic.

The system is open to cooperation. To get more information, please contact the respective coordinators/contact persons.


Main Coordinator, Principal Investigator, Design and Programming: Stefan Eichert
Principal Investigator, Bioarchaeology, Digitisation and Translations: Nina Richards
Backend Programming: Alexander Watzinger, Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz
AIS CR team (Czechia): Jan Hasil, David Novák, Ondřej Švejcar
Additional Support: Jan Belik, Christoph Hoffmann


Natural History Museum Vienna
Contact Person: Mag. Dr. Stefan Eichert - stefan.eichert@nhm-wien.ac.at
Address: Naturhistorisches Museum Wien, Prähistorische Abteilung, Burgring 7, 1010 Wien

Austrian Archaeological Institute
Contact Person: Nina Richards MA BSc - nina.richards@oeaw.ac.at
Address: Österreichisches Archäologisches Institut, Rosenbursenstraße 3, 1010 Wien

Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague
Contact Person: Mgr. David Novák, Ph.D. novak@arup.cas.cz
Address: Institute of Archaeology CAS, Prague, Letenská 123/4, 118 01 Prague 1


THANADOS (Austria)
MEDCEM (Medieval Cemeteries at the Periphery of the Carolingian World)
ERC Synergy Grant HistoGenes


ACDH-CH - Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage
Time Machine
Austrian Archaeological Institute