The project

Medieval Cemeteries at the Periphery of the Carolingian World (MEDCEM) is one of the thematically focused projects whose data is accessible through the THANADOS interface. Specifically, it focuses on the currently widely discussed and promising topic of societies on the eastern periphery of the Frankish Empire. Grave finds in the context of West Slavic populations are a key source for addressing related issues. MEDCEM is therefore progressively collecting the available information and publishing it as digital data in a form corresponding to current best practice. All information of the presented sites comes from the original publications and is represented as digital catalog along with interactive maps and visualisations of the cemeteries. Regionally, the project focuses on the Czech Republic and Austria, but gradually it is desirable to involve all regions of the eastern part of Central Europe. If you are interested in collaborating on data production or in publishing your own dataset, please contact the project team (see contact details below).

MEDCEM was first developed by Stefan Eichert within the Project "International exchange of methodological experience in the study on the impact of emergencies on the migration and economic strategies of the past human populations" (Project No.: CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/16_027/0008494), funded by the European Union and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. The published data are the result of the work of several generations of researchers, processed into digital form by a number of editors.

License and data re-use

The data available in the MEDCEM is published in accordance with an open data access policy and with the consent of copyright holders. Data usage is subject (unless explicitly stated otherwise) to a CC-BY 4.0 (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International). The data can therefore only be used with citation of the author/provider. This provision does not restrict the use of MEDCEM by virtue of other contractual arrangements or by virtue of a legal title.

Since MEDCEM, as well as other tools belonging to the framework of the infrastructure Archaeological Information System of the Czech Republic (AIS CR), provide data predominantly in open mode (Open Access), we do not have the possibility to monitor the use of this data, nor what outputs arise from it. However, as we are legally obliged to report this information, we would ask you, a MEDCEM user, to cooperate in reporting the scientific outputs that were generated using MEDCEM data or other AIS CR components.

Each MEDCEM user, as an integral part of the AIS CR, is therefore obliged to:

- always indicate in the usual manner in specific outputs that the AIS CR infrastructure has been used to produce them, referring to the data or tool used;
- when entering output information into Results Information Index - RIV (e.g. at Czech Academy of Sciences sites via the ASEP database), select the proper link of the result to the AIS CR infrastructure in the field of LRI (Large Research Infrastructure) from the offered project code list of large research infrastructures;
- kindly let us know via this questionnaire (https://www.aiscr.cz/vystupy), that the output has been published.


Host: Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague.
Affiliated with: Archaeological Information System of the Czech Republic.
Address: Institute of Archaeology of the CAS, Prague, Letensk√° 123/4, 118 01 Prague 1
Contact Persons: Jan Hasil: hasil@arup.cas.cz